Kerry’s Testimony

KerryHello everyone, I’m Kerry.

I don’t come from a church background. My grandparents believed, but my parents wanted me to make up my own mind about faith. I attended a few Christian things from time to time over the years.

Recently, I started attending here, and my life has been changing.

I feel drawn by God’s love, wanting to attend and join in. It felt strange to begin with, and it’s been like a process with things now falling into place.

I just know there’s Someone here with me, who is helping me through life.

I have new friends and it’s like being part of a new family; like a new season in my life.

I believe in Jesus. I know He died for me and I believe He was raised from the dead.

I want to live a Christian life and be part of His church, and follow the way of God’s love in my life and my children’s lives, becoming closer to Jesus.

Today, I’m making a promise to God, knowing that He has already promised himself to me.

I really believe it’s important for me to do this, to be made more complete as a person, and to be strengthened by Jesus – knowing that He’s facing life with me.