All our regular activities form part of our mission to Sprowston and beyond…

Our ongoing mission was extended with two new ventures in 2014.

A major new part of our mission is now: Cafe Church, meeting at Costa, in Tesco on Blue Boar Lane – and this is fully-shared with our Christian friends in Sprowston.
Cafe Church meets on the first Sundays each month, at 2.00 for 2.30pm, using questions and talks to trigger topical conversation, etc.  For more information see Cafe Church
Our approach is being kept under review.

We’d also shared in the regional “Who Cares?” initiative… using the one simple question, ‘what hurts the most?’ Working with our local Christian friends, we’ve been using several of the most-frequent responses as conversation-starters. These give real opportunities to build bridges at Cafe Church.

In 2017 we are involved with the setting up and running of The Filling Station in Sprowston.  This meets on the first Wednesday of the month at Sprowston Manor Hotel for a more casual type of worship, praise and teaching, all with lots of coffee and cake.