Paul’s Testimony

PaulWhere am I from – I moved to Norwich from Luton, home of the best team in the world, Luton Town F.C.

How Did I Become Christian? I was brought up in a Christian home and went to church from an early age.  When I was about 12 I started to wonder if this whole God thing was true or whether I had been brainwashed into it.  I decided that it wasn’t for me and I went and did my own thing.

During this time I tried to fill my life with things like alcohol and looking for a girlfriend (with no success).  I grew increasingly unhappy and struggled to see anything worth living for.  School was awful, no girl in my life it was a never ending spiral.  Sometimes my mates and I would go onto the streets and look for fights, just anything to forget who I was and to numb the pain.  I even thought of getting into the whole football hooligan scene (luckily I didn’t).

Life was getting increasingly miserable and desperate mixed with the anger inside me from school, I was a wreck.

All this time I continued to go to church (just to keep my parents happy) on April 1st 2001 a friend of mine invited me to a church in St Albans.  At this church the music was fantastic and they spoke about the Holy Spirit.  Now I didn’t know what it was but they asked if anyone would like to receive the Holy Spirit.  I went forward and someone prayed for me.  Almost immediately I felt this amazing joy, peace, passion; just so many emotions colliding and exploding together inside me.  I can’t really describe it better than that, I’ll give an example of how it made me feel.

We went to MacDonald’s afterwards to get some “lard burgers”.  I HATE garage music with a passion (sorry if you like it), and it was there middle of MacDonald’s with people looking at me, I started dancing to Garage music.  Ever since that day I have tried to follow God and get his help through the “Holy Spirit” (God’s way of working in the world) to live the best life I can.  I have changed so much in the 5 or so years I have been a Christian, I am a totally different person from who I used to be.