At the heart of all we do is an active ministry of praying…

Besides the regular times of prayer (Sundays at 7.00pm, Tuesdays at 11.00am, and second Mondays each month at 7.30pm) there are also ongoing opportunities for receiving prayer –
through our Prayer-ministry.

While ‘requested prayers’ are covered discreetly in the background by our Prayer-Chain, we also offer a Prayer-ministry which is generally available after our worship services and celebrations. It is also offered as part of the evening services of Holy Communion.

This Prayer-ministry (often expressed as appropriate through the laying-on of hands and use of anointing oil) has been encouraged and strengthened in recent times by powerful touches of the Lord as His Holy Spirit moves among us.
Since mid 2009 many people have felt the distinct glow or warmth of the Lord’s healing Presence in our midst while at worship here. Some have even said it was hot. Some have been deeply moved and others quite overwhelmed… and really blessed!
Others have felt nothing, which is fine, but have also found themselves to be at peace.

Our aim is not to seek the feelings but to encourage the faith that seeks Him all the more.

The more we know His love for us, the more we have to give away. Our desire is to be open to all that the Lord is doing and to have the courage to join in.

“May Your kingdom come; may Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”